Natural Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

Natural mosquito repellent is something that many parents are switching to. They are trading in all of the bug sprays and repellents that contain large amounts of chemicals and pesticides – which are able to irritate the skin and cause us to have a funny smell whenever we use it. These natural repellents are just as effective as anything that contains chemicals and it is able to keep the children and us safe.

If we have this desire to keep all of us safe why not try to keep our dogs safe from these pesky bugs as well with the right type of natural repellent? Dogs can also be rather sensitive to the harmful chemicals that make up most repellents – but with the natural mosquito dog repellent you can help to fight off insects, mosquitoes, and fleas without hurting them.

What To Use

There are many different plants that are able to be used when trying to fend off mosquitoes and bugs. For dogs one of the best products that you are able to use is Tea Tree Oil natural insect repellent. This is made up of peppermint, tea tree, thyme, clove, cinnamon, and lemon grass. It will fight off the bugs – but will not touch their nervous system. You can also use Sentry Natural Defense and apply it to their skin once every two weeks.

How To Apply

If you know that your dog will be going outside sometime soon and for a long time than you need to give them a bath. After they have bathed you will need to apply the natural mosquito repellent. Make sure that you separate the fur and massage the oil directly into the skin. It is best to start between the shoulder blades and work down all the way to the tail.

These natural mosquito dog repellents are not harmful or toxic – but they are very strong. You should consider wearing gloves to keep it off of you. Also make sure that you do not apply any of these into the puppy’s nose or eyes.