Why Natural Is Safer

In this day and age many of us are trying to discover new ways of making the world a safer and healthier environment that we can all live in. This includes driving cars that do not release high emissions of carbon monoxide, recycling, and using more natural products. We can all do what we can to help even if it is using something as small as natural mosquito repellent.

There are two reasons why people should switch from the ordinary repellents to something that is more natural. These reasons will help you to understand the dangers of these repellents and how they can affect not only you – but the things around you.

Safer For Your Family

We all want to use things that are going to help us and our family instead of hurting them. One of the problems of the ordinary mosquito repellents is that they use many chemicals that can be harmful to people. These chemicals can irritate a person’s skin and if ingested can be harmful or even poisonous.

Because of this many parents are thinking twice about using it on their young children. As children they don’t always understand what can happen and they might lick their fingers or hands after the repellent has been spray onto them. None of us want to risk their health – but we don’t want to hole them up indoors either.

Safer For The Environment

There are certain studies that show the dangers these different chemicals have to the environment. As they can hurt us and our children they can also hurt animals and plants as well. Many have discovered that certain species of fish and plants are affected by the chemicals.

In order to help the environment these experts told consumers that it would be safer and more effective for them to use natural mosquito repellents. Thanks to their research we now understand the dangers of these chemicals that make up these repellents and know to keep them away from our children.